Premier Staffing Solution Services

Each organization is unique, and each search assignment is different. Premier Staffing Solution has long recognized the need to provide a variety of solutions designed with the flexibility and mobility to adjust to the evolving demands of our clients. We also recognize that there are two constants, regardless of search type, that are paramount: speed and quality. We are continually refining our processes and services to deliver talent our clients need, the way the need it, when they need it.

Temporary Staffing

Most staffing agencies fail to meet the needs of clients because they sacrifice the quality of talent in their efforts to deliver employees quickly. We have thrived in the industry by delivering on all fronts. We have a focused understanding of human resources, allowing us to identify and attract temporary talent that not only meets the base requirements of the role but also meshes with the organizational culture, ensuring a strong and successful partnership.


We approach our temp-to-perm assignments with the same dedication to quality that we apply to every other service we provide, which is why the vast majority of our temp-to-perm candidates are offered full-time positions before the traditional 90-day temp period is reached. In fact, nearly all of our candidates are ultimately offered permanent positions. Our temp-to-perm allows our clients to test drive our talent, and the results clearly indicate that the professionals we provide exceed expectations.

Contingency search

Our success in temporary and temp-to-perm staffing has led many of our clients to return to us for contingency services. We have established a strong reputation for finding the right talent for a variety of needs, and our contingency search services allows us to help organizations fill permanent positions with professionals that promote success on all fronts. With the same expertise and resources that define all of our services, our contingency search solutions keep our clients ahead in the talent game.

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